Doing My Toes

doing my toes, originally uploaded by cuteellaisbold.

I usually make it a point to have my toes done-after all I’m on the pool deck an insane amount of time in flip flops. I do like them looking pretty.

I’m starting a new project to do something for myself or my home every day. It doesn’t have to be big but I have to make the time to do so…

It just always seems like there’s something more pressing to take care of instead of something for me!

For now? My toes are little Cherries in the Snow – they might not be perfect, but neither am I and that’s just fine…


One Response to “Doing My Toes”

  1. Roz Says:

    I make a mess when doing my own pedicure, but I have the perfect clean up. As a moisturizer, I always wipe down with baby oil while I’m still wet. Then I take the wet, oily washcloth and scrub off the excess nail polish around my toenails. Result: a professional looking pedicure!

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