This Hat Needs a Name and You Can Win One!

I might be a simple hat
Made from wool and Love

Acrylic and Cotton
Could be used too
I’m to go on her Etsy site
and some to be given to charity
But Cute~Ella says I need a name
So she has turned this into a game!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think this should be called. Answer I like best wins. If there is more than 1 good one I’ll pick it out of a hat. Leave as many suggestions in the comments as you’d like, but only one suggestion per comment please. This contest will close at 11:59 EST on Sunday (Feb 13th) so get a  move on. Good luck!


5 Responses to “This Hat Needs a Name and You Can Win One!”

  1. Kama Kamilian Says:

    L’s entry “Honey I love you”
    K’s “Maggie”

  2. Kama Kamilian Says:

    Or how about “Simple Beauty”

  3. Kama Kamilian Says:

    oooo ooo….or it could be for a boy and call it the “Straight Charlie”

  4. Roz Says:

    Love’s Warmth

  5. Late Bloomer Says:

    Heart’s Desire

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