Hair Cut for a Cause

haircut Please pardon the puffy pale sinus sick face I have going on. Let’s focus on the eyes and hair – hmmkay?

I’ve cut my hair again because it was getting messy and difficult to manage. I think the new one is Sassy.

I’m working on growing it out again (with no highlights, no color!) so I can donate to this Pantene Beautiful Lengths. They’re donating wigs through The American Cancer Society to people who have lost their hair to cancer treatments.

It seems like each passing day this cause gets closer to my heart and while I can’t necessarily donate money and might not always have time to give, I can take the time to donate my hair.

It’s most certainly going to take a while to grow it back…but it’ll be worth it.

Do you have long hair that’s not colored or processed? Are you willing to grow it out?


One Response to “Hair Cut for a Cause”

  1. Voice of Reason (ALB Edition) Says:

    In the past, I had thought of donating hair to a similiar cause. Due to various reasons, I have not done it. My hair is in bad shape (imho) so I think I need to nurse it back to health and get back in the habit of regular salon visits before attempting it again. I wish you luck though! I definitely think it is a great cause!

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