Water Fountains Past Security

filtered waterOne of the nice things about ORD is that they have these filtered water stations so you can refill your water bottle after security.

At ALB so far as I can tell, the only free water is from the bathroom sink. Seeing that my water bottle has a filter on it, that would be fine, but the problem comes in that it’s not COLD water it’s WARM water that comes out of the faucet.

I wouldn’t care, but  I don’t feel like spending $3 on a bottle of water, nor do I feel like getting soda/juice/coffee.

Airports, get with the program. Get some water fountains. Please and thank you


One Response to “Water Fountains Past Security”

  1. GenWar Says:

    There are two water fountains right outside the bathrooms for the ‘C’ gates. They aren’t filtered, but this isn’t la-di-da MickeyMouseLand, this is the real world. 😉

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