Jelly Bean Non-Snob

IMG_3338I’m not a chocolate loving kind of girl. I like dark chocolate occasionally or chocolte with peanut butter almost always, but I’d rather have “sugar candy” instead.

As you might imagine, Easter season is my favorite candy time of the year. Jelly beans, Peeps, Robin Egg’s Malt candy, and peanut butter chocolate eggs? Oh yes, please!

I am not a jelly bean connoisseur, but I do have my favorites. Starbursts and Lifesaver jelly beans are pretty awesome so they’re my go to pick – original flavors please, nothing fancy. Brach’s will do in a pinch but I prefer others. I know what you’re thinking, “but Ella! What about Jelly Belly?”

Sigh – Jelly Bellys. I do like certain flavors, but not all of them. In fact,  I’m pretty particular about the flavors I like (grapefruit all the way or strawberry, tangerine, or licorice) but some of them? Buttered Popcorn? Jalapeno? Peach?

No thanks, besides for only liking some flavors, they’re too expensive to buy.

I’ll stick to my Starbursts, thanks. I’ve already gone through a bag.


One Response to “Jelly Bean Non-Snob”

  1. 30 Days of Me: Day 1 « Cute~Ella is… Says:

    […] 9. I’ve already eaten an entire bag of jelly beans this Easter Season and am working on my second one. Jelly beans are my current favorite. […]

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