Such a Zero

wall I found this on the wall in the bathroom at Dinosaurs BBQ the other night while we were there.

(Side note, why do people feel it’s necessary to write on bathroom walls? Seriously! One place I worked had black board walls and chalk so people could write what they wanted. It was a bitch to wash up every night.)

(Second side note, our favorite bartender was there and we got to have her as a waitress. She’s amazing and I miss her so much. If you go to the Dinosaurs in Troy, ask to be seated in Heather’s section. You won’t be disappointed. And don’t disappoint her with her tip.)

Back to my picture. I’m pretty sure that if K+K=K then has to K=0.

Why would someone want to say that they’re a zero?

Am I missing something?


2 Responses to “Such a Zero”

  1. Slacker Says:

    Dad K + Mom K = Baby K?

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    […] had photo updates! Voting on my new avatar, some local graffiti I don’t understand, a photo I edited of my friends kiddos, a photo of an old haunt, some kids […]

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