Stores should take note…

skinny mirrorHow many times have you found what could be the greatest pair of pants ever or the best dress ever in a store? They’re in the perfect color you’ve been searching for, a made from a great fabric and at a price you’re willing to pay? Then you go try it on and although you’re pretty sure that it fits just fine and you look good in them, you can’t buy them because the combination of the lighting and mirror angle in the room is just terrible.

That happens to me all the time. I’ve started taking photos rather than rely on the mirror in a dressing room. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it helps.

Seriously, some stores would make a crap ton more money if they had better lighting. (And less ugly clothing, I’m looking at you New York & Company last season!)

See this photo? I took it in my hotel room before a presentation. The mirror and lighting in made me feel like a million bucks and want to go shopping.

Mirrors in most stores?

Not so much.

Stores? You want more of my money? Get your act in gear.


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