Smoosh Hat

IMG_4701I made this for my niece to go with her navy blue coat. She just loves hats and when I felt this yarn, I knew it would be perfect for her.

Soft like your favorite well-loved and worn t-shirt, warm for a cool fall or warmer winter day this hat is velvety soft and a great addition to any outdoor outfit.

Currently this item is only available in softer pastel colors that include pale yellow (featured) soft rose pink, light peachy pink, light periwinkle blue, soft blueish green, pale pea green, white, and beige. Please specify what color when ordering and the measurement around the top of your child’s ears.

This item is washable, but please do so by hand.

As each item is crocheted by hand, there may be some variation in the finished product.

Smoosh Hat – Child is listed on my Etsy shop (or if an adult wants one it’s $22 plus shipping) or can be ordered by commenting below or emailing me at CuteEllaisBold(at)gmail(dot)com


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