Graduated. Wow. I feel old.

A hot day calls for…

Sprinklers in the street

Thumbs up!

Daddy-O approves

Not my favorite player…


But I liked the shot.

50% of my best guys


Me and the Big Guy


Nameless (thus far) hat that I love…

dk teal hatPardon my nose. That’ is a terrible angle to view it at, but I managed to capture the hat, which is what I was going for…

I made this pattern up from a baby blanket Momma was working on.

I like it as a baby blanket too, I suppose, but I love it as a hat. It needs a name though.

Leave me a name for it and the one I pick will get one in the color of their choice before it goes to Etsy.

(Sorry, open to US and Canada addresses only.)