Hat for a first Halloween

IMG_4474My SIL asked if I could make my little buddy a pumpkin hat for his first Halloween, of course the answer was yes!

Originally, I put eyes and a mouth on it, but decided that it was totally cuter without it. See, the little guy has big eyes and a smile that lights up the room, so I thought the hat could just be the pumpkin.

I dig it.

If you’d like one for your little one, please email me (cuteellaisbold(at)gmail(dot)com) for cost and sizing options. Any requests for one need to be to me by Oct 22, 2011!

(For other hats and scarves, please check out my Etsy shop, or email me if you have something special you’d like.)


Stores should take note…

skinny mirrorHow many times have you found what could be the greatest pair of pants ever or the best dress ever in a store? They’re in the perfect color you’ve been searching for, a made from a great fabric and at a price you’re willing to pay? Then you go try it on and although you’re pretty sure that it fits just fine and you look good in them, you can’t buy them because the combination of the lighting and mirror angle in the room is just terrible.

That happens to me all the time. I’ve started taking photos rather than rely on the mirror in a dressing room. It doesn’t always work, but sometimes it helps.

Seriously, some stores would make a crap ton more money if they had better lighting. (And less ugly clothing, I’m looking at you New York & Company last season!)

See this photo? I took it in my hotel room before a presentation. The mirror and lighting in made me feel like a million bucks and want to go shopping.

Mirrors in most stores?

Not so much.

Stores? You want more of my money? Get your act in gear.

Freestylin’ Giraffe

freestyle giraffe Pardon my reflection.

Sometimes I wish we could buy the art hanging in the halls at my office. There are some really fun pieces by kids across the state.

I like to call this one “Freestylin’ Giraffe”

Such a Zero

wall I found this on the wall in the bathroom at Dinosaurs BBQ the other night while we were there.

(Side note, why do people feel it’s necessary to write on bathroom walls? Seriously! One place I worked had black board walls and chalk so people could write what they wanted. It was a bitch to wash up every night.)

(Second side note, our favorite bartender was there and we got to have her as a waitress. She’s amazing and I miss her so much. If you go to the Dinosaurs in Troy, ask to be seated in Heather’s section. You won’t be disappointed. And don’t disappoint her with her tip.)

Back to my picture. I’m pretty sure that if K+K=K then has to K=0.

Why would someone want to say that they’re a zero?

Am I missing something?

A Night with the Pete Jacobs Band

I was shooting in low light from a distance, but I’m pleased with the edits.


Pete Jacobs BandThe guitar player is from NYC, the drummer was found in our hometown and the bass player is from Brazil.
They’re rockin’!

Pete Jacobs Band3The accordion player is one of the drunk Irishmen I mentioned in my tweets.

Good show. You can check out their stuff here.

Chocolate Donuts with mini chips. Yum!

IMG_3954Yeah, they were delicious. These are the ones I made with mini chips. I wonder how Nerds would taste?
Here are some helpful hints when using small decorating items. Or you know, sprinkles.

Spare change for good luck?

i think this was your change last time
BatGirl always tosses some random change in the back seat of my car when I get a new(er) one for good luck.
This was from last time.
She said she’s mailing me some for this car.